What is an Abaya Dress?

Many people are aware of Muslim related stuff like halal hotel bangkok and abaya. But, not many people are aware of what Muslim women wear. In the western world, people marvel at Muslim women wearing a hijab or an abaya. Some of them find it insulting to women, while others amaze at how women can cover her modesty. Either way, they are ignorant about why a Muslim woman covers herself. To explore this, let us see below why a Muslim woman wears an abaya dress and what an abaya dress is.

What is an Abaya Dress?
An abaya dress also called “cloak”, is an elegant, loose and classy over garment. This clothing piece is a work overdress. An abaya looks like a robe, which is worn by Muslim women. An abaya dress consists of a gown and a scarf. Muslim women wear it over their body, which hides their body curves well. It is particularly famous in the Arabian Peninsula, North East Africa, Somalia, Morocco, and the Indian Subcontinent. An abaya dress is worn by the young and elder Muslim women. They wear it as a sign of morality, modesty, and privacy. There are various types of abayas available in the market. You can choose an abaya that fits your sense of style.

What Are Different Types of Abaya Dresses?
There are different designs of abayas having patches, laces, and buttons. Here are some of the famous types of abaya dresses.

Closed Abaya
It is a traditional design of abaya which has no buttons. It hides the entire body of the woman perfectly. So, a woman can wear simple tights and shirts. The advantage of the close abayas is that many style experiments can be done with it. It can be sewn in a butterfly or umbrella style.

Open-Button Abaya
This is an abaya which has buttons in the front. Open-button abaya usually is offered along with a belt, since a belt increases its stylishness. As you walk, your legs are shown off, so you need to wear good pants. In addition, your clothes get exposed, and as such, you have to choose a simple dress.

Abaya Cardi
This is the modern and latest design of the abaya cardi. Its front is neither closed nor buttoned. It is open in front. Most girls pair up the abaya with stylish shirts and pants with an elegant scarf. It also comes with a belt.

What is the Reason behind Wearing an Abaya?
The main reason for wearing an Abaya is covering the body of a woman. Muslims take it as a sign of respect and honor. Besides the injunctions of Islam, abaya is also a fashion statement in the Islamic world.

There are various cultural and religious styles of Abayas. Cultural styles are not supported by religious injunctions. For instance, a woman cannot wear a tight Abaya according to religion, but there are tight cultural designs of abayas.

Wrap Up
Abaya is religious as well as cultural. There are some styles of abayas that have purely expanded out of cultural context. So, you should check whether the abaya style sticks to the religious context or not. Then, you can purchase an abaya of your choice.