Tips to Pick a Halal Hotel in Singapore

A New Standard of Excellence for the Muslim Traveler
The Islamic travel industry is an ever-growing market with a global population of Muslims who are eager to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage, Umrah and other religious journeys, or simply to travel to countries with Muslim friendly amenities. In this era of globalization, Muslim travelers are more interested than ever before in exploring, experiencing and enjoying the land and cultures of others.

In line with this new standard of excellence for the Muslim traveler, many Muslim travel websites have popped up to offer comprehensive information about the different tours and services available from a variety of providers. These websites will help Muslim travelers find quality Hajj packages and Muslim friendly destinations, while also being able to make informed decisions about which provider is best suited to meet their needs.

Halal Rooms & Facilities That Should Be Provided by Hotels to Look Out For
It is important for hotels to provide Halal rooms and facilities. This will enable Muslims to fully enjoy their stay, without any worries. There are a number of things that should be provided by hotels when it comes to Halal rooms and facilities. When selecting a halal hotel singapore is famous for, it is prudent to adhere to certain tips. Let’s look at some of these tips.

Halal Food Served at Hotel
When searching for the best halal food in singapore and other cities, the food served in the hotel should be 100% Halal. All dishes that are not 100% Halal, with the exception of fish dishes served in non-vegetarian restaurants, should have a separate dishwashing zone and utensils. The kitchenware used for preparing halal food must also be clean; this is important because it ensures that the dishwasher water is clean too. The refrigerator also needs to be free of any non-halal items or meat products which are not permitted to be stored alongside halal ones.

Hotel should have prayer accommodations
Prayer mats, prayer rooms and rooms with Qibla directions are must-haves for a hotel. With the increasing Muslim population in the world, hotels should make sure they have enough of these facilities in order to provide a pleasant stay for their customers.

A room without a prayer mat is like a car without wheels. The prayer mat is the focal point of any Muslim’s visit to the mosque or hotel room. Prayer mats are also one of the major necessities in any mosque, where Muslims pray five times a day. It’s only appropriate that hotels offer their guests with at least one or two mats so that they can pray comfortably.

Minimising Hostile Surroundings for Muslims Concerned about Religious Purity in Hotels
Muslims are generally required to go through a ritual washing process or ablution before they pray. This prayer is of utmost importance, and it is an obligation for Muslims to do it five times a day. In addition, in Islam, food is not permitted to touch the ground. So there are a lot of restrictions on what materials can be used for food preparation or consumption.

When going abroad, Muslims examine the country’s culture and make sure that they will be able to maintain their religious purity throughout their stay. Travellers can maintain their ritual purity in hotels by taking some minor precautions such as requesting hotel staff members not to enter the room while one is bathing without knocking first, and requesting them not to prepare food in bathrooms or alongside non-halal food.