Personal Development

How to Imagine the Best Version of Yourself

Take a blank tape and a recorder, or use the recording software on your computer, to record the script that follows below. You do not need to follow it word for word; in fact, if you’re good, you can even write one up of your own. You may adjust the wording accordingly, as you see fit and relevant.

Use a relaxed, laid back, conversational tone of voice. Read it out loud and clear, but gently, as if you are reading a bedtime story to a child. To get that perfect kind of hypnotic, mesmerising voice, it helps if you try to yawn, or just take a deep, belly- expanding breath and give a loud sigh. The trick is to just relax and read it as naturally as possible, with slightly stretched out pauses for effect. This is called a ‘Sophronic’ voice.

“Imagine for a moment that somewhere out there, amidst this vast creation of God, this universe, or this MultiVerse (multiple universes), there lives a person, who looks just like you, except, maybe, a little bit more attractive, who talks just like you, save for, perhaps, a little more articulate and fluent, and who acts just like you, except that, possibly, his actions are more guided and effective.

He is perfect in every sense, the epitome of your ideal self, who is wise, intelligent, brilliant, a genius in everything he does, and is brimming with ideas, insights and unheard-of knowledge. He is highly skilled in ways you could never possibly imagine, in most every area or field you can think of. He is perfectly fit and healthy, however you’d define fit and healthy for yourself, and is flawless in every physical aspect.

He is strong enough to do the things he is required to do, able enough to do them effectively and fast enough to do them efficiently. In fact, he is so perfect, so intelligent, so strong and so powerful, that he can do, be and have just about anything that is humanly possible to do, be or have. Imagine that this person really is the perfect, ideal, truest and highest self whom you’ve defined priorly. Imagine this person standing right before you, smiling, emanating a warm, welcoming and loving presence. He knows you perfectly and you know him perfectly.”

You can stop or pause the recorder or recording software here. And there you have it, the way to imagine the best version of yourself.