Employment and Employability Institute – Your Partner to Change and Transformation

Through the years, Employment and Employability Institute or e2i saw major transformations of different industries and supported numerous workers and companies that were affected by changes. Most of the partners and businesses that Employment and Employability Institute worked with are at a consensus that transformation is a process that can be quite painful. After all, transformation calls for getting rid of old mindsets and old methods of doing things. Transformation also requires reskilling and restructuring workforces and taking a courageous step to pilot new solutions and technologies. Indeed, transformation isn’t a one-time event but more of an era of strategic changes driven by purpose. As expected, transformation is not a new concept in Singapore.

The country of Singapore has enjoyed the progress of shifting to become an economy based on knowledge from the industrial age as Industry 4.0 becomes an unstoppable and inevitable trend. Terms that used to be unfamiliar, including robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and internet of things have now found their way to the regular vernacular of the country. The phenomenon comes with bigger challenges yet these very challenges also opens doors to many growth and success opportunities.

The Role of Employment and Employability Institute in Transformation
E2i or Employment and Employability Institute is an empowering network that caters to employees and workers searching for solutions for employability and employment. The company bridges the gap between employers and workers as they connect with workers to render job security through skills upgrading, career guidance, and job-matching services, and working hand in hand with employers to cater to their needs for manpower through job redesign, training, and recruitment solutions. Employment and Employability Institute is the tripartite initiative of National Trades Union Congress established to offer support for nationwide skills and manpower upgrading initiatives.

What Does Employment and Employability Institute Do?
Since its establishment in 2008, Employment and Employability Institute has already helped and guided over 600,000 individuals through their carefully curated and chosen services for job matching, career guidance, and professional development. Thanks to their numerous partners, the company offers businesses with hiring, productivity, and training solutions.

From their training workshops, to career fairs, seminars, and networking sessions, Employment and Employability Institute has numerous ongoing events for businesses and individuals alike. With the progress of Labour Movement in 2019, Employment and Employability Institute have welcomed three main thrusts, namely Fair, Grow, and Care.

At the very heart of what the company does, Employment and Employability Institute cares for their working people through giving them that sense of assurance in spite of the current challenges they are facing now and in the future and allow them to enjoy good jobs in more positive working environments.

Employment and Employability Institute guarantees that practices in the workplace are fair for the working people, with their interests protected at all times. Employment and Employability Institute also hopes to grow together with their working people through helping them move forward in their respective careers and become a part of an inclusive and strong Labour Movement.

Mission and Vision
The vision of Employment and Employability Institute is to become the primary organization to develop solutions for better employability and employment. Its mission, on the other hand, is to create better jobs for much better lives.